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Получите с моих гаек!! - Get off my nuts!!
9 September
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Talk to me. Seriously. IM me on AIM right now. Talk to me about Swing and Ska, stuff with horns, bands you like.... There's nothing I like more than a new band to obsess over.

Yeah. And I love me a good conversation, too.
1/2 ast movies, 311, apple juice, arcade games, bad jokes, barenaked ladies, beaches, bling blinging, blues brothers, bob marley, brian setzer, charlie daniels band, chinese food, cold weather, comedy central, concerts, cover songs, dance dance revolution, dancing like an idiot, danzig, david fincher, dead kennedys, dodging responsibility, dr. pepper, dread zeppelin, elvis, espanol, family guy, ferris bueller's day off, fight club, film, five iron frenzy, frank sinatra, frank zappa, fugazi, godzilla, hendrix, hot showers, industrial, instrumentals, intarweb, invader zim, irony, james brown, johnny cash, juice boxes, kids in the hall, kill bill, ludacris, making that "uugh!" noise, marvin gaye, mindless self indulgence, monty python, movies, music, my cd player, mystery science theater 3000, not honking car horns, obsessing, offspring, oh shit what, omfg, phenomenauts, pink floyd, pixies, pretzels, primus, pulp fiction, punk, queen, quentin tarantino, ramones, rational thought, ray charles, reel big fish, rhcp, robbie rotten, robert randolph, robots, rockabilly, run d.m.c., santana, sarcasm, save ferris, saxophones, sex pistols, shortenated bread, ska, skanking, stephen lynch, stevie wonder, stupid people, sublime, sugar hill gang, swing dancing, tappin my foot, the aquabats, the crystal method, the daily show, the doors, the guess who, the sun, the vandals, thrift shops, tokyo ska paradise orchestra, too-much-text-rite-hurr, trombones, trumpets, video production, vomit kitties, weezer, world domination, wtf-do-i-put-here, zombies, ~niko~

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